On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, the administrators of the California Blog website published a post written by Sawyer Howitt. In his post, he notes the post-recession optimism and accomplishments of millennials, people born in the last two decades of the twentieth century.

Statistics from a 2011 U.S. Chamber of Commerce report shows after the economic calamity members of this group favor entrepreneurship over more traditional methods of generating an income and almost one-third are self-employed.

Sawyer Howitt offers the opinion that current economic conditions are ideal for launching a start-up. Interested investors are plentiful. And high-tech communications coupled with affordable new methods of acquiring/sharing office space reduce start-up costs significantly.

Sawyer also provides some advice on what criteria to consider when choosing a location. These include the economy, demographics, access to high-speed broadband, and the ability to connect with like-minded people. He also lists what he considers to be the top eight cities for launching a start-up. The following are his top five:

• San Francisco, California
• Austin, Texas
• Salt Lake City, Utah
• Palo Alto, California
• Denver, Colorado

Sawyer Howitt lives with his family in Portland, Oregon. His father, David Howitt, is the proprietor of the Meriwether Group, which helps budding entrepreneurs in three critical areas. They help find funding, building a plan for accelerating growth, and creating an exit strategy.

One of the first projects David took on was helping his wife, Heather, and his mother in law, Tedde, launch a small local home-brewed tea company, Oregon Chai, that now distributes globally.

Sawyer obviously has entrepreneurial roots. Even before graduating high school he demonstrated his ability in business and finance. Sawyer currently serves as a project manager at Meriwether Group.

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Kim Dao talks about her journey as she is leaving Japan. She had originally moved to Japan just for the experience and didn’t intend to live their forever. She planned to go back to Australia to spend time with friends, family, and her boyfriend before doing more traveling. On her travels Kim Dao will be going to South Korea for one week, followed by Europe for seven weeks. However, she was invited by the South Korean government to participate in a planned project, so halfway into her stay in Europe she will be going back to South Korea for another week. During Kim Dao’s time in Europe she will be staying in London, Florence, Denmark, and Berlin. After her European trip, she will be going back to South Korea where she will pack all of her stuff up and move back to Australia for good. Learn more:


She is going to be really busy during her travels and it will be very stressful, but she hopes to meet a lot of her fans. Kim Dao realizes that many of those fans became fans in the first place because of her commentary about living in Japan ( She wants these fans to know that she will still remain affiliated with Japan and continue to make frequent visits. She does have a lot of Japan footage that she has not edited or aired yet. She assures her listeners that her vlog will still center on fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Kim Dao will continue to make brand new videos wherever she goes. Learn more:

George Soros recently made headlines after coming back to the political limelight. Being a Jew of Hungarian origin, Soros has been witness to great distress, especially as a child. It was while he was a young boy that he was exposed to political unrest and persecutions while in Hungary which forced him to move to London in search of better opportunities. With Soros being a very hard working individual, he was able to amass a fortune, wealth that keeps on growing to date. Although George’s childhood memories are rather unpleasant, they have taught him to shun oppressive regimes. To this end, George Soros has been categorically passionate about supporting organizations that advocate for civil and human rights among other freedoms.

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Besides, George Soros who has been in America almost all his lifetime has decided to use his wealth and influence to dictate the political limelight of the United States of America including other countries across the globe. Since 2004, Soros has been attending to personal business with him being an entrepreneur. However, he came out bold and vigorous in 2016 to offer support to Hillary Clinton in her bid for being the next president of the free world. Since Hillary Clinton has been George’s friend to close to three decades, he was incredibly passionate to see to it that Mrs. Clinton’s bid for the presidency becomes successful. Apart from making financial donations, George rounded up his close peers and friends to also commit to Hillary Clinton’s cause. Through philanthropy, Mr. Soros donated more than $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and a section of Democratic candidates. Learn more about his profile at

During the campaigning season, George Soros accompanied Hillary to most of her campaign rallies but felt incredibly awful for failing to attend his first Democratic Convention since George Soros had to center on some urgent and pressing business. As a billionaire, George Soros did not mince his words or money. According to his political adviser, George’s stakes in 2016 to see Hillary Clinton win the national elections were exceptionally high, and that is why he never at one point in time withheld his finances. George Soros was able to convince people like Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner to contribute something “small” to the Democratic Party coffers. It is because of individuals like Soros that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team did not face any financial constraints at the time. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Now that the electioneering period in America is long gone, Mr. Soros is busy attending to personal business. George is renowned for being the founder of the Quantum Fund. Through his money and influence, George Soros has made it possible for once crumbling civilizations to thrive. It is without saying that George Soros is the man to be since no one has been able to beat him at his game.

Lingerie is a must have for every lady, It could allow you to feel sexier, simply by helping you embrace how tempting you look beneath that dress. This is exactly why sex symbols like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Victoria Beckham, just to name a few, have been huge supporters since the brand was founded in 2006.

Obviously, if you are in a relationship then having hot lingerie is crucial to yours and your lover’s needs. Your man will appreciate how good you look stripping down while wearing nothing but your Honey Birdette panties. For this sole purpose, the Honey Birdette line has been quickly expanding and is strategizing to increase into the international market by starting with 45 retailers.

If you want to look luxurious, youthful and bold, seductive and bewitching, we present to you a risqué and unique lingerie line from the Australia. Each new collection of lingerie surprises you with rich colors and sensual designs. Each is very diverse in addition to fashionable. Bodacious bras and panties, demand attention.

Sexy bras, erotic thongs, mini thongs, sexy lingerie sets, frank tight body suits made from tulle, leather, latex and net. The assortment is big, there are always several variants of forms used to create a sensual and sexual image.

Seriously, your man will wonder how he even got this lucky. Positioned as a sensual underwear, it is almost impossible to find something ordinary in it. Words like; the usual, uninteresting and dull, won’t come to mind when you’re wearing one of Honey Birdette’s daring ensembles.

For 13 years Doug Levitt travelled by bus spanning over 120,000 miles across America. What began as research for his book “ The Greyhound Diaries”, a combined art project and book, became a way of insight into the condition of life for low income America. During his travels, Doug became aware of the psychological components of poverty; often seatmates were individuals considered delinquents by society: ex-convicts, the mental ill, and the addicted.

Despite labels, almost every passenger had one factor in common, low- income. Levitt found that passengers on the bus were limited to bus transportation due to lack of monetary means. Travel by bus gave Levitt a glimpse of American poverty he likely would not have experienced otherwise. Doug considers his research to be psychologically beneficial as well; during this experience he found passengers often played the role of counselor helping one another express deep psychological concerns. In fact, Levitt expresses that it was during his bus rides that he was able to overcome the trauma he faced with the death of his father.

In addition,Doug Levitt grew professionally as a result of his book. His book resulted in two-records, a one-man show, published writings, photo exhibits, and a web series.Doug Levitt has an accomplished and fun professional background. He is a singer, writer, activist, and photographer. He attended Cornell University and received his masters in International Relations at London School of Economics. Prior to his creation of “The Greyhound Diaries” Levitt was a foreign correspondent for ABC, CNN, and MSNBC.

Buying a use BMW over a new one is a very smart financial choice. You will save lots of money and you can even get more for you money in the way of customization. You can find a decent used BMW with all the bells and whistles without having to pay for all the bells and whistles. You will have more choices and all the new car kinks will already be worked out. It’s a win-win deal and you will be glad you bought used.


Beverly Hills Auto Group provides not only a large selection of used luxury cars, but they have great customer service. Beverly Hills Auto Group will also accept your trade-in and Beverly Hills Auto Group has their own finance department, so they can get you approved for you loan quickly and easily. Beverly Hills Auto Group is your go-to when you are buying a used BMW.

Madison Street Capital is one of the best investment and capital relocation companies in the world. They have worked hard for that title and have been able to provide thousands of businesses with the opportunities that they need to make their business better. They are a company that is composed of many business professionals and this has given them the chance to make sure that they are making all of the right connections for their clients. While they are a premier company, they do provide a lot of different opportunities for people who are in different situations with the capital firms.


Ares is similar to Madison Street Capital in that it is a premier firm. They work with people all around the world and they have been doing what they can to protect information that is secure. They want to make sure that they are helping people out and that they are giving them all of the security information that they need. When someone uses Ares, they can be sure that they are getting a great deal for the better of the company. They also want to make sure that they can do more with the opportunities that they have.


When Madison Street Capital and Ares started to talk about the business aspect of things, they did what they could to come to an agreement. While it did take some time for them to be able to get all of the information that they needed, they did what they could to make things better. This gave them the chance to improve on the opportunities that they had. It was a time when they decided that Madison would restructure some of the minorities so that they could pick up the Ares accounts and make their business better than what it was in the past.


All of this means positive things are coming for the clients of both the Madison Street Capital reputation and Ares reputation. The clients are going to benefit the most from this. The contacts that both of the companies have will work in combination with each other to ensure that people are getting exactly what they need out of the different businesses. It is something that has allowed the companies to become even better than they were on their own. While they are not necessarily partners in business, they are working on collaborations together with the different opportunities that each of them have.

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There is a new firm that has been changing the way things are done in Switzerland over the past couple of years, and it goes by the name of the Swiss Startup Factory, and is under the excellent leadership of Mike Baur. As a co-founder and executive chairman he is able to give the go ahead that makes a difference for the fundraising and financing rounds there. The company’s vision and main premise is to become the gold standard for the way that startups are able to achieve success, and they have been making a lot of headway in that regard.


The accelerator is ideally a three month program through which the Swiss Startup provides everything that is needed to get a concept on its way to being a global leader in just that short amount of time. Mike Baur definitely knows how to handle money since he was a successful banker for over 20 years. In that time, he made the management at UBS and Clariden Leu quite happy with his work, but he had to move on to the bigger dream of his once he had enough capital to make the switch. One can just ask some of the big names like the Goldbach Group and Fintech Fusion to see evidence of that.


In many instances, it is important that advertisers get their message across during a specific window of time. In that way, they are ready to handle the response and capture the profits. Synchscreen is an innovation that is changing the marketing landscape to ensure that the timing is never off. The Goldbach Group is working with this technology so that the mobile campaigns coincide with what is being shown on the television screens in front of the viewers. There is a myriad of algorithms and intelligent learning which decodes things and brings Adwords and other relevant mobile advertising to phones, iPads, and other similar electronic devices. It is just one breakthrough that the company offers which shows that they definitely have an instinct when it comes to concepts.


That is why the collaboration between Goldbach and the Swiss Startup Factory is so powerful. They work at choosing the best of the best and then pushing them to greatness. A similar, and equally as strong partnership, is going on between Swiss and Fintech Fusion. Anyone in the area with startup goals should certainly reach out to them.

The No Poo Movement is gaining great momentum across the country. For decades, women shampooed their hair with products known to contain harmful sulfates that damage the hair. The sulfates dry the hair and strip the hair of the natural oils. The sulfates are the ingredients that cause the foaming action in the shampoo. Healthier alternatives like cleansing conditioners cleanse the hair without causing damage. In fact, it is possible to wash the hair on a daily basis without causing damage. Instead, the hair is gently cleansed and nourished.

Shampooing Daily is Unnecessary
Millions of women start their day with a daily shampoo. In fact, shampooing the hair is part of their daily routine. Experts state that shampooing daily is not necessary. In fact, the daily shampoo might do more harm than good. Experts suggest that shampooing every other day or even once a week is enough to keep the hair clean and healthy. Those in the No Poo Movement agree with this finding. Women are in the mood for something different. A healthier alternative like the cleansing conditioner that is a popular hair care system that was created by Chaz Dean. The WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is revolutionizing the hair care industry.

WEN by Chaz
The WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is now available to the public. At one time, the product was exclusively available to clients at an upscale salon in Los Angeles that was owned by Chaz Dean, the creator of the hair care system. Chaz Dean has always had an interest in creating products that used natural ingredients to improve the hair’s condition. This led to the creation of the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner.

Women across the country can’t stop talking about the new hair care system. Many state that the condition of their hair is improved only after one use. Get the WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner for great hair.

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Honey Birdette does business in such regions as United States, Canada,United Kingdom, Europe, Austrailia, and New Zealand. Honey Birdette is a women’s underwear and lingerie store that employs 500 employees at the most. Eloise Monaghan founded and directed Honey Birdette back in 2006 in Brisbane. Although it has quite a few locations today,its main location is in its original home of Alexandria Sydney, NSW Australia. This past September, Honey Birdette opened their first international boutique in Covent Garden, London that is only one of three United Kingdom lotions.

Honey Birdette does not just supply women with lingerie, it also has a wide selection of knickers playsuits, swimwear, and intimate toys. These toys come in male and female for individual use as well as couple’s toys that can be used together.

Very recently, Honey Birdette made plans to launch their United States e-commerce after having enormous success, a 374 percent sales increase from online sales in past year. Customers will be able to buy directly online with better customer friendly service to make sure that Honey Birdette gets the customer’s order exactly right. Monaghan wants to make the service much faster. Last year, Honey Birdette opened up its first store outside the Australia area. London’s Covent Garden, followed by two more in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City have done so well that this year Honey Birdette plans to open 10 more stores in the United Kingdom including Liverpool and New Castle. There are already 55 stores in Australia and Honey Birdette is looking to open some stores in the European area.

For more information follow Honey Birdette follow them on Facebook.