Briger is known as a business and a financial leader. He is also referred to as Pete. Peter Briger resides in San Francisco, California.

For more than two decades now, Peter Briger is well experienced in issues concerning asset and financial management. Currently, Peter serves as the co-chairman and principal of the world’s leading financial investment firm, Fortress Investment Group. The organisation is well known for its financial and management services. Many high net worth companies and individuals visit the firm for all commercial and asset management services. The company’s success has been faced with several milestones.

The fortress investment group is entirely dedicated to offering services for all institutional and private clients. Currently, the organisation manages over $65 billion of assets. Peter was elected as the co-chairman of the Fortress Investment group back in 2009. Peter Briger has been on the forefront guiding the firm in all its operations since 2002. Peter joined fortress investment group back in March 2002. Since then, he has taken up several responsibilities at the firm. He is the head of the organisations, real estate and credit fund department.

Peter is well educated. He attended the University of Princeton, where he pursued a degree in Business administration. After completing the degree, he pursued a master’s degree in business administration at Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Having finished school, he got an opportunity to work with Goldman Sachs. He was responsible for overseeing operations in a number of business areas in the firm.

Additionally, Peter serves as a committee member such as the Global control and Asian Management and compliance committee. At one time, Peter Briger maintained all the responsibilities as the co-head of the organisations Fixed Income Principal investments Group and whole loan Sales and Trading business.

Apart from his professional life, Briger is involved in many other activities. He contributes to a number of community-driven and philanthropic courses. Peter is in the leadership council of the Silicon Valley for Global Fund for minors. Additionally, he is a member of the council of foreign relations. The Council aims to promote extensive understanding of all foreign policies amongst elected officials and citizens.

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