Securus Technologies, Inc. is a large contributor of parolee tracking, government information management, and detainee communication solutions. The company serves many correctional facilities in Mexico, Canada, and District of Columbia, among other penitentiary institutions all over the world. The organization is a distinguished manager in administering responsive customer service and innovative, comprehensive, technical solutions. The company’s primary focus is to specialize on the needs of law enforcement and corrections communities. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with other regional bureaus in Atlanta, Georgia.


The company understands the importance of convenience and variety when providing service to inmates. The company offers the Securus Video Visitation mobile app that makes it simpler for family members to stay in touch with jailed loved ones. Besides, the visitation system allows family members, lawyers, and other government officials to choose the perfect time to visit their detainees.


Securus Video Visitation is, in fact, the innovative state of the art technology solution that allows families to keep together with their confined members, enabling them to share everyday moments. The mobile app provides a convenient and easy method for family members to video converse with their confined loved ones using a Tablet, or Smartphone. The Securus Video Visitation mobile app allows family members to share everyday events like sporting events, holidays, and birthdays, to help the detained relatives experience the sense of being at home, even when they cannot be. The mobile app also allows inmate remote visits from anyplace in the world using cellular data service or Wi-Fi on Securus Video Visitation sites.


The mobile app presents a natural existing Securus Online account, with a password, and an email address provisions, to contact and view future planned inmate video visits. The internet -based video visitation system allows community members and a prisoner to steadily interact in person, without the convict ever departing the secured prison. Families and relations who cannot afford to move from home to the correctional facility and back find the video platform a perfect solution. The video platforms also help to save the time wasted crossing and waiting for prison protection checkpoints.


To engage in a Securus Video Visitation system, family members need to have a computer, tablet or Smartphone is Internet enabled, with a valid e-mail address, and a Web camera. Participation also requires free account creation, acceptance of Securus Terms and Conditions, and the successful enrollment into all penitentiary facilities presenting the Securus Video Visitation platform.

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