There are multiple allegations that GTL has made against Securus Technologies. Securus has tried to clarify these claims stating that they are misplaced and inaccurate. Since its formation in 2001, GTL have formed the habit of seeking battles with their competitors. They do this especially when they enter into an agreement that is not in their favor. From another point of view, the company has participated in multiple lawsuits which they have never won.


GTL went forward to claim Securus used technologies that belonged to GTL to avail their services. GTL was, therefore, seeking injunctions, which if successful would stop infringements by Securus to their platforms. The company has been seeking such injunctions in the court but have not been given yet. The court is not ready to listen to evidences presented by the enterprise. The fact that an order has not yet been given against Securus is a clear indication that Securus did not participate in any known misconducts.


The CEO of Securus Technologies made everything clear in a recent press release. He stated that GTL is quite aware of the amount of time, years and money it costs to access a patent litigation. Because of this, the company was questioning whether the approach method undertaken by GTL makes any sense in the interest of the enterprise. The approach undertaken by GTL by focusing on Securus is clearly not acting in the best terms of their business. Richard Smith advised GTL to reorder its priorities and to strive to act in ways that are in the interest of the enterprise.


Securus Technologies is, however, ready to defend itself from any attacks by GTL. The company believes in their services and knows that it has no flows. GTL, on the other hand, have been caught undertaking several misconducts in the past. Securus Technologies has always been a leader regarding patents, technology, and number or technical personnel.