Sussex Healthcare started operations more than thirty years ago specialized in giving care to adults and the old people deserving specialized care. Sussex operates on the South Coast of England since 1985 and has more than twenty facilities in its umbrella. The company provides general attention to the old and specialized care to those suffering from old age related challenges like dementia and neurological disorders among others. Shiraz Boghani started the company and their experience of many days makes Sussex a better place to be. Shiraz Boghani is an experienced entrepreneur in the hotel industry while Shafik Sachedina is an expert in the medical ground and their combination defines a strong team at Sussex Healthcare. The Facilities under Sussex are full care residential houses fitted with state of the art gyms to offer physical exercises to the residents under the guidance of well-trained nurses and caregivers round the clock. Read more on

Sussex Healthcare cares for young adults suffering from neurological disorders too alongside the old with dementia and Alzheimer. Training of caregivers and nurses in the company is a continuous process and those recruited do not need to be experienced as such. To ensure smooth service delivery, managers train new caregivers, nurses, and assistants. The training allows patients to enjoy leisure, recreational and social services because physical care is not enough and hence the proper training of staff. The residents are subjected to different activities that reflect their earlier lives to keep them active. These plans lower the increase in the effects of a particular challenge especially for those in need age-related diseases care. The patients receive meals from skilled chefs because each one of them has a prescribed meal in line with their physical health.

To ensure proper service delivery, Sussex Healthcare employs only professional and compassionate caregivers. Additionally, the company offers the staff continuous training at its Training school situated Warnham, West Sussex. The school provides management courses, apprenticeship for nurses, and other medically related training courses to the staff. The employees enjoy the services of free transport, career enhancement opportunities, sponsored vacations, pension programs, uniforms, special meals, and reduced rate accommodation to ensure that they are fully productive.