Sussex Healthcare has been a trendsetter in the provision of the home care services since 1985. By then, they only owned one facility. Today, they run a network of homes containing more than 15 facilities. However, this growth has not been without devotion and the constant search for excellence in the provision of adequate home care, especially for the senior. Besides offering care for the aged, most of these care units also offer dementia, neurological and PMLD care as well. Some of the Sussex Healthcare facilities include the following.

Wisteria Lodge

Wisteria Lodge is a lovely home for the seniors looking for a facility that is off the beaten paths. This home is located in Nutley region of the northern Uckfield in the eastern side of the Sussex. It is backed with new modern amenities, and it has only the ground-floor rooms to cater for the clients with mobility challenges. Wisteria lodge can house more than 20 residents and every room in this facility has a private bathroom. This facility aims to attend to young adults who have PMLD. To this end, the staffs in wisteria lodge are well trained to handle young adults with PMLD and other physical disabilities.

Norfolk Lodge

Norfolk lodge caters for seniors with learning disabilities. However, younger, as well as older adults are also welcomed in this facility. While Norfolk Lodge is a bit old, it features modern fittings in it. These include amenities like the contemporary room facilities, call system, and a central heating system. To address the learning disabilities, there is an established learning program to help the clients develop or improve their skills and enhance their confidence. Norfolk Lodge is made up of 8 single room that has private WC amenities.

Sussex Healthcare Announces New Gym and Services for Residents

Besides offering the excellent home care for the senior, Sussex Healthcare is also focused on physical fitness and well-being of these clients. To this end, Sussex has founded a sizable gym to help the seniors keep fit and healthy. This facility is also meant to help these clients to reduce stress given that exercises are great stress relievers.

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