There is a new firm that has been changing the way things are done in Switzerland over the past couple of years, and it goes by the name of the Swiss Startup Factory, and is under the excellent leadership of Mike Baur. As a co-founder and executive chairman he is able to give the go ahead that makes a difference for the fundraising and financing rounds there. The company’s vision and main premise is to become the gold standard for the way that startups are able to achieve success, and they have been making a lot of headway in that regard.


The accelerator is ideally a three month program through which the Swiss Startup provides everything that is needed to get a concept on its way to being a global leader in just that short amount of time. Mike Baur definitely knows how to handle money since he was a successful banker for over 20 years. In that time, he made the management at UBS and Clariden Leu quite happy with his work, but he had to move on to the bigger dream of his once he had enough capital to make the switch. One can just ask some of the big names like the Goldbach Group and Fintech Fusion to see evidence of that.


In many instances, it is important that advertisers get their message across during a specific window of time. In that way, they are ready to handle the response and capture the profits. Synchscreen is an innovation that is changing the marketing landscape to ensure that the timing is never off. The Goldbach Group is working with this technology so that the mobile campaigns coincide with what is being shown on the television screens in front of the viewers. There is a myriad of algorithms and intelligent learning which decodes things and brings Adwords and other relevant mobile advertising to phones, iPads, and other similar electronic devices. It is just one breakthrough that the company offers which shows that they definitely have an instinct when it comes to concepts.


That is why the collaboration between Goldbach and the Swiss Startup Factory is so powerful. They work at choosing the best of the best and then pushing them to greatness. A similar, and equally as strong partnership, is going on between Swiss and Fintech Fusion. Anyone in the area with startup goals should certainly reach out to them.