When we were told about Securus Technologies, it was early fall. And for some strange reason, we brushed it off. We didn’t think to investigate even the possibilities of it being true. However, when our only car broke down, we had no other choice. We had no way to get to our loved one anymore. That made the upcoming holidays seems hopeless to say the least. Then my son in prison heard the chatter again about Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. It was our only option. We decided to take the plunge and look into it. Much to our surprise, it was a very exciting proposal. We could see our loved one on the internet through the process of a live stream. They wouldn’t have to come to the crowded, visiting room and we wouldn’t have to come to the prison. It sounded too good to be true. Why hadn’t we taken advantage of this before? I felt so foolish for letting all that energy I could have preserved get away from me. We were interested. We got to the right people in the institution. We did the necessary requirements and was approved for a Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit.


On the day of the visit, the computer was in place, hooked into the right website and ready to go. At the pre-determined time, we went live. Then we could see our loved one and he could see us. It was like a regular visit. The only thing is that you couldn’t touch him. But the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit was a great experience for my entire family. We could even bring other family members in the area of the computer and they could visit as well. Now that certainly could never be done for an inmate inside of the prison. But with Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit, our holiday was made very special and joyous. We even sang a Christmas carol to our loved one from the family that was present.


There aren’t words to describe the absolute joy that was brought to us from Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. It is no way we could have traveled as a caravan to the prison for the same visit you gave us in the comfort of our home. The fact that you even have a program that allows inmates to have such a personal visit is a miracle in itself. Thank you very much.