Background Information of George Soros

The person George Soros is has been shaped by his early years as he grew up and have formed indelible marks in his personality and character. George was born in Budapest in 1930 to a Russian mother and Hungarian father. His early years were during the prevalence of the Nazi Germany and growing up was not an easy since the family had to endure a lot of difficulties. His father was taken prisoner before and after the World War 1, something that was hard for the family to deal.It is probable that George learned philanthropy and business skills from his parents. His mother had come from a family that owned a silk shop. During Nazi Germany, his father made fake documents for people to allow them to flee the war zones. He did this for free especially for the poor ones and only charged the wealthy people who would afford given that he also needed money to take care of his family needs. Interestingly, George spared his life when he was only thirteen by suggesting that he was the son of the minister of Agriculture then. It was in the midst of these challenges that George developed resilience, endurance, and focus, seeking to excel stand above the storms.

George Soros in Education and Business Career

George Soros affluence has been as a result of hard work, devotion and great patience while using workable strategies to increase his wealth.He undertook his undergraduate degree from London School of Economics and later enrolled for a Master’s degree in philosophy. Sadly, following his graduation, he was unable to secure decent employment given that racism was still rampant. Despite the many job application he placed, it was tough to get a job. Thus he was forced to work as a traveling sales man, something that a bit challenging and too cheap for a graduate. However, in 1954, he was able to get a job from a company whose managing director was Hungarian.

Singer and Friedlander Company employed him as a clerk in the entry level. Since he was a hardworking man, he was able to grow and work in the arbitrage department a few years later. While in the arbitrage department, a friend suggested to him a job in New York and he then moved out and has remained there since.He grew progressively till he was able to establish his own hedge fund that would later he called Quantum Fund. The Soros Fund Management has a net worth of $30 billion in assets, forming his primary source of wealth.

Involvement in Philanthropy

In New York, George has assisted the needy children and parent with benefit cards. In 2009, for example, he gave each child aged between 3 and 7 $200 without limiting the number of children that applied. Further, he gave $35 million to parents with benefit cards.