Kim Dao talks about her journey as she is leaving Japan. She had originally moved to Japan just for the experience and didn’t intend to live their forever. She planned to go back to Australia to spend time with friends, family, and her boyfriend before doing more traveling. On her travels Kim Dao will be going to South Korea for one week, followed by Europe for seven weeks. However, she was invited by the South Korean government to participate in a planned project, so halfway into her stay in Europe she will be going back to South Korea for another week. During Kim Dao’s time in Europe she will be staying in London, Florence, Denmark, and Berlin. After her European trip, she will be going back to South Korea where she will pack all of her stuff up and move back to Australia for good. Learn more:


She is going to be really busy during her travels and it will be very stressful, but she hopes to meet a lot of her fans. Kim Dao realizes that many of those fans became fans in the first place because of her commentary about living in Japan ( She wants these fans to know that she will still remain affiliated with Japan and continue to make frequent visits. She does have a lot of Japan footage that she has not edited or aired yet. She assures her listeners that her vlog will still center on fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Kim Dao will continue to make brand new videos wherever she goes. Learn more: