Any professional wishing to start a business in the medical field needs to know about medicine, health, wellness, fitness, and much more. If the person has a keen knowledge of business but lacks the medical background for a medical business success is a shortcoming.

Unclarity of medicine is not the case of an astute Chiropractic doctor, Brian Torchin and award-winning health care professional who started a company known to many medical professionals as HCRC Staffing.

Brian Torchin is from Northeast Pennsylvania and is not new to the healthcare industry. Torchin is a veteran of the healthcare field and has many years under his belt as an astute Chiropractic physician.

During his tentative as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Torchin realized that it was becoming more difficult for medical professionals to staff their offices with the kind of knowledgeable help they needed to run a successful business. Torchin opened healthcare recruiting offices in Florida, Delaware, and Philadelphia to help answer a desire among medical professionals for quality office staff.

Brian Torchin, popularly known Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, first made his mark of excellence in the medical arena. He believes in the importance of a welcoming office and knowledgeable staff for all of his clients. He makes each customer feel they are number one, which he believes they are as no one patient is like another, each showing the uniqueness to his practice. Torchin believes in educating his clients towards better health and wellness.  You can see many of his job listings on

In spite of the busy life, this healthcare practitioner leads; he still places each of his patients as number one, with a focus on service and patient satisfaction. Torchin’s amazing work ethic shows in his private practice and medical staffing business that continues to grow and prosper.

He feels that a successful medical practice is all focused on the quality of care provided to each patient and the high level of performance his staff of healthcare employees offers his patients. He believes in helping other professionals achieve this same level of extraordinary medical care through proper medical staffing needs.


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