Trabuco Machine is an ancient device that was used in war. Also known as a balancing machine, Trabuco originates from a confrontational era in the ancient times. From the definition, the siege weapon was instrumental in multiple ways. Since 400 DC when the machine was introduced by the Chinese, Trabuco has been one of the most preferred machines in fighting. A few years into its launch, it was introduced in Europe. Until the introduction of gunpowder, the machine was popular in China. The Mongols also found it useful in attacking Fancheng.

Different uses of Trabuco War Machine

Used by the armies in the past, Trabuco was functional in destroying enemies. The machine was utilized to destroy massive walls; a strategy that smashed enemies. Inclusive in the machine was a projector. This part of Trabuco was useful in shooting massive walls. The armies found Trabuco instrumental especially in offering them protection. Being a powerful machine, it was used to launch projectiles. Some of these projectiles weighed approximately 140 pounds.


Trabuco operates by transforming the potential energy from the counterweight to the lever. Afterwards, the potential energy is channelled to the targeted object by driving ammunition towards the loaded side of the enemy’s walls. The first Trabuco machine was however, not as efficient. The weight of the machine is directly applied to the projectile. With a relatively, average amount of procession, the projectile might be unnerved up to 80 metres away. Initially, Trabuco was too heavy to be operated by one person. It had a sling and a lever; some of the features that most users found abrasive when it came to operating the machine.

The evolution of the war machine

From the large war machine, a smaller one was introduced. This explains the transition from a huge war machine to an average one, which could be operated by approximately 15 men. The small version of Trabuco was more effective as well. In addition, it was easier to generate in terms of features. In fact, it took about 12 days to come up with the smaller Trabuco. Even though Trabuco is no longer useful in the current generation, it can be built for various activities. It could be throwing paper balls or grapes. Read more: