USHEALTH Group, Inc. is one of the reliable providers of healthcare insurance services in the United States. The Texas-based insurance giant renders its services via its subsidiary firms, including the National Foundation life Insurance Company and the prominent Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Group and its group of companies are committed to offering revolutionary insurance solutions in the category of specified disease/sickness, life, and accident and disability. The firm addresses the needs of families, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and their workers. Through its affiliates, USHEALTH Group has delivered innovative insurance solutions to over 15 million clients for over 50 cumulative years.

What products do USHEALTH Group Offer?

USHEALTH Group is aware that every client has his or her unique needs. Therefore, the company customizes the accident and specified disease policy that matches with the situation of every customer. The firm believes in choice and, thus, provides an extensive collection of products. That way, customers can choose products that meet their needs. USHEALTH Group has created an extensive portfolio of coverage, which enhances customer choice. Its unique product designs allow the USHEALTH Group’s subsidiaries to meet each client’s demand for flexibility, consistency, and affordability in their insurance options.


USHEALTH Group caters for the needs of clients who are on a restricted budget or those who are worried about having to pay high annual deductible prior to receiving any reward from their insurance cover. The company provides a collection of groundbreaking products that offer first-dollar rewards for covered services and significant network discounts throughout a broad range of providers. These plans are budget friendly compared to the more comprehensive plans.

What makes USHEALTH Group exceptional?

In a competitive marketplace consisting of high client turnover and reduced customer loyalty, the USHEALTH Group and its subsidiary firms differentiate themselves by establishing long-lasting relationships with their clients. Customers are guided throughout the entire process of choosing a suitable insurance policy. USHEALTH’s reputation stems from its ability to fulfill its promises.

Career opportunities

USHEALTH Group avails many jobs to the citizens of the United States. The firm always conducts open and fair hiring process. It adopts a management style, which encourages people to exchange ideas. USHEALTH Group creates a work environment that consistently challenges its worker as they improve their expertise and abilities. The firm hires well-trained and competent individuals who are ready to dedicate their energy towards helping the company achieve its goals.


Troy A. McQuagge is the chief executive and president of USHEALTH Group. He also sits on the firm’s Board of Directors. Konrad H. Kober oversees all administrative issues of the company. He is the executive VP and chief administrative officer (CAO). Cynthia Koenig is in charge of all financial matters of USHEALTH Group. She is an executive VP and CFO of the insurance powerhouse.