Doe Deere is one of the hottest makeup artists around. She often posts selfie photos because she loves both the Instagram and Facebook platforms. She always has her makeup just perfect and her face done in hues of colors from every spectrum of the rainbow. As “The Queen of the Unicorns,” some call this mythical goddess more than just an artist. Though her face is always beautiful and sweet, many cannot see the many years of failures that she has endured. All of her disappointments did nothing more but bring the budding artist out in her.

Some of the greatest stories in history have been about people who have survived amid controversy. Remember Milton Hershey the famous candy maker? He filed for bankruptcy three times before he began selling his candy business from a car. Like Hershey, Deere always knew what her passion was, she just didn’t know how to get her ideas into a tangible product. She tried being in a band for a period of time, though she didn’t accomplish much, it is where she got her iconic name from. A band member thought she looked like a deer in a headlight, and thus the name was born.There is nothing traditional or “normal” about Deere. She marches to the beat of her own drum. The real beauty is that she is hard to ignore and has developed many followers. She was recently named one of the top inspiring females of all times. It was a title that is well deserving, but it took lots of hard work to bring the goals to fruiting. She is artistic and imaginative, but she will tell anyone that she knew nothing about makeup. She had to learn everything from the very basics to the chemical structures. She could have never accomplished what she has without the love and support of her husband. He and their three cats are a family that understands one another, yet allows personal space for the development of the company.

The company has been in business since 2008. Lime Crime is a pallet of things that typically cannot be found by other makeup lines. She loves glitters and bright hues that normally aren’t’ considered for a makeup collection. Born in Russia, Xenia Vorotova was destined for great things when she came to this country. Now, reborn under the name Doe Deere, she is turning the makeup industry upside down.

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